Innovations for Women's Empowerment in Southeast Anatolia, Phase 2

What is the project about?

            Being implemented in 9 provinces of GAP region, the project aims at increasing individual productive and social capacities and enterprise level management skills of women of Southeast Anatolia in order to empower women within their communities and expanding women’s income through entrepreneurship and increased employment opportunities. Building upon the results of the first phase (implemented during March 2008 - May 2012) the project targets building and disseminating knowledge for policy making while achieving results at the local level.

What has been the situation?

Despite the legal framework and developed policies, the situation of women in Turkey and particularly in Southeast Anatolia continues to negatively impact the women’s full enjoyment of their human rights. Women’s labour force participation is 29.5%, with an increase from 25% of the recent years, with the impact of financial crisis that increased participation in labour force as a coping mechanism.37% of women in the labour market work as unpaid family workers, whereas the same rate for men is as low as 5.2%. Gender inequality index, calculated by UNDP and which incorporates dimensions of reproductive health, empowerment and labour market shows that Women are associated with honour killings, with lack of opportunities to exercise their rights, and are not visible in the labour market. Since the legislative framework is already broadly in place, reinforcement and implementation of the relevant legislation and awareness on importance of gender equality and affirmative action are the main priorities among public and private sector, the female right holders and society as a whole.

What is our mission?

UNDP’s mission is to provide the Government of Turkey, particularly the GAP Regional Development Administration with high quality technical assistance, which will help achievement of the objectives of the Innovations for Women's Empowerment in Southeast Anatolia Project, hence contributing to the empowerment of women of the region by building capacities, enhancing income generation capacities and brokering investment in the region.

How are we doing this?

The project activities are concentrated upon delivering three outputs:

  •     Increasing business management and entrepreneur skills of women in Southeast Anatolia with a view to strengthen their economic empowerment and empower them socially within their communities.
  •     Increasing opportunities for employment and income generation of women in Southeast Anatolia with stronger market connections.
  •     Increasing income of women in Southeast Anatolia by engaging in production under the regional brand ‘Argande’, building a good example of PPP.

How will Turkey benefit?

Innovations for Women's Empowerment in Southeast Anatolia Project will contribute to ensuring equal participation of women ensured in all fields of public sector, private sector and civil society with strengthened institutional mechanisms to empower women’s status. Together with diverse initiatives of UNDP Turkey's ongoing collaboration with the Government of Turkey in Southeast Anatolia Region, the project will contribute to elimination of regional disparities and to improvement of regional and national wealth through creating of new investment and employment opportunities.

What has been achieved so far?

The results generated during the first phase of the project are summarized below: 

·       During the first phase, 44 Multi-Purpose Community Centers and 10 local initiatives were supported by developing marketing linkages, providing equipment and raw materials.

·       During 2008-2012, 3700 women generated incomes through Project supported activities.

·       1012 women and 391 men participated in trainings. The trainings included diverse topics such as readymade clothing, quality control, cooperatives, communication and gender equality. 

·       422 women participated in production workshops organized in CATOMs.     

·       With the establishment of regional clothing brand Argande, 40 women were employed and more than 150 women generated fee based incomes.   

·       With Argande initiative, the project contributed Batman's development as a regional centre for textiles industry.


The results generated during the second phase of the project are summarized below:

·         271 women participated in design workshops

·         268 women participated in trainings on rights and gender

·         111 women and 50 men participated in Gender Equality and Reproduction Health (Men and Women) Trainings

·         5 women owned businesses received business development support

·         Business plan prepared for 1 enterprise

·         One-to-one consultancy is provided for enterprises instead of business plan development and management team identification

·         10 women participated in a study tour to Nallıhan

·         With marketing linkages established by the project, 1,992 women generated an income of TL 610,065 from marketing activities

·         TL 449,645 revenue generated from Argande sales

·         Argande products are being supplied at 20 sales points and 3 online marketing channels

·         130 media appearances generated at national and international level

·         Argande participated in Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul in 2013 and 2014

·         4 new staff employed by the project in Istanbul, Batman and Kilis

·         15 women are employed in Batman production atelier

·         15 women are employed in Kilis new production atelier

Delivery in Previous Fiscal Years

2012 82.199 USD
2013 286.489 USD
2014 296.865 USD

Amount contributed per year by each project funder

SİDA  1.112.810 USD


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