Initiation Plan for Strengthened Social Service Provision through Community Support

What is the project about?

This Initiation Plan aims at developing a future strategy and implementation model for supporting the capacity of General Directorate of Social Services and Child Protection to ensure higher level of voluntary contributions and community support in social service provision with a view to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the ongoing works.

What has been the situation?

General Directorate of Social Services and Child Protection (SHCEK) was established with the Law number 2828 and provides residential and non-residential protection and care services to families, children, young people, women, disabled and elderly on a 24-hour cycle. While SHÇEK works through Governorates and Provincial Directorates for provision of the above mentioned services, it also has cooperation with NGOs as well as voluntary donors. Although in the last years there has been significant improvement in service quality, there is need for further cooperation and monitoring in actual implementation of social services, particularly in preventive social services.

What's our mission?

The total estimated CO2 emissions of Turkey in 2006 were 274 Mtons, compared to 140 Mtons in 1990, with the biggest increase in electricity generation. Together with the economic growth, the electricity consumption has continued to increase rapidly from 96 TWh in 2000 to 155 TWh in 2007.

The residential sector accounted for about 25% of the total electricity consumption in 2007 and together with the industrial sector has been the fastest growing end user segment. This is also evident by observing the rapid increase in the annual sale of new electric household appliances, which has more than doubled during the past 10 years. Considering the fact that major part of this energy consumption is attributed to household appliances, it will provide considerable energy savings if more energy efficient appliances dominate the market.

How are we doing this?

In line with Ninth Development Plan as well as SHCEK Strategic Plan for 2010-2014, UNDP’s support will mainly be in the below areas:

1- Analysis of the current situation and capacities in voluntary service provision, identification of the focus areas
2- Review international experience on community participation in social service provision
3- Review of the existing experiences from the perspective of developing new social service provision models
4- New models developed for review and implementation by SHCEK

Who are our partners?

The Project will be implemented in cooperation with the General Directorate of Social Services and Child Protection (SHCEK). SHCEK will ensure that relevant departments will be engaged in the implementation of the project and provide inputs as appropriate. State Planning Organization is the government organization responsible for coordination across relevant national organizations, as well as providing guidance for international development cooperation. In this connection, SPO will provide overall strategic guidance for the project and ensure that the project outcomes respond to the national needs identified through various assessments.

How will Turkey benefit?

The General Directorate of Social Services and Child Protection (SHCEK) will be assisted in designing more inclusive service provision models including incorporation of community based and voluntary contributions.

Project Overview
Focus Area:
Poverty Reduction
Project number:
Project start date:
March 2011
Estimated end date:
December 2011
USD 75.000
Project funding:
SSC is financed through the internal funds of the Republic of Turkey and contributions of the UNDP (TRAC).
Delivery in previous fiscal years:
913.764.00 USD as of 31 December 2011
UN/National executing agencies:
The General Directorate of Social Services and Child Protection (SHCEK)
UN/National/NGO implementing partners:
UNDP Turkey
Project website:
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