Our Projects

 Photo: Hakan Çınar, Post-2015 Photo Contest on Instagram

The objective being pursued by the each programme is to support the Turkish Government particularly aims at eliminating poverty, enhancement of core institutions at national, regional and local levels and combatting environmental degradation.

Inclusive and Sustainable Growth

Inclusive and Democratic Governance

  • Socioeconomic Development through Demining and Increasing the Border Surveillance Capacity at the Eastern Borders of Turkey- Phase I

    Border management is regarded as being one of the most priority areas of EU Accession process for Turkey. After the membership to the EU, as Turkey’s eastern borders will be the external borders of the Union, management of a comprehensive border security and its implementation constitutes an important subject.

  • Support to the Improvement of Legal Aid Practices for Access to Justice for All in Turkey

    The Project aims to develop coordinated efforts for enhancing the quality of the legal aid services in Turkey as well as capacity of the attorneys, particularly addressing the needs of disadvantaged groups as well as Syrian population at southern provinces of Turkey. In addition, the Project will also address the institutional needs of Bar Associations for an effective coordinated and monitored legal aid system.

  • Preparatory Work for Demining

    The overall objective of the Project is to contribute to the social and economic development through demining and more secure borders in Eastern Turkey.

  • Improvement of Civilian Oversight in Turkey Phase II

    The overall objective of the Project is to support expanded enjoyment of civil rights by Turkish citizens and democratic control of internal security forces by the regulatory system and public administration of Turkey. The specific objective of the Project is to contribute to the progress towards the overall objective spelled out above, the project aims at establishment of institutional and regulatory framework conditions for an effective oversight by the MoI of Internal Security Forces at the central and local level.

Climate Change and Environment

Joint UN Programmes in Turkey

UNDP also supports UN joint programmes in Turkey. These programmes, are being encouraged in the context of the reform process that has been ongoing within the UN.

The reform package brought to the agenda by the Secretary-General includes various mechanisms and tools as well as the Common Country Assesment (CCA) and UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF).

These tools including the Millennium Development Goals, are aimed at supporting national targets and priorities and developing UN's collective assesment and programming capacities.