Our Projects

 Photo: Hakan Çınar, Post-2015 Photo Contest on Instagram

The objective being pursued by the each programme is to support the Turkish Government particularly aims at eliminating poverty, enhancement of core institutions at national, regional and local levels and combatting environmental degradation.

Inclusive and Sustainable Growth

  • Organic Agriculture Cluster Project

    The overall objective, towards which the Project will contribute, is to improve the competitiveness of the Southeast Anatolia Region in a sustainable and socially equitable manner. This overall objective reflects the vision of the Competitiveness Agenda for Southeast Anatolia Region, and serves as a reference point for all initiatives (i.e. projects and programmes) to be implemented within the scope of the Agenda.

  • Utilization of Renewable Energy Resources and Increasing Energy Efficiency in Southeast Anatolia Region, Phase 2

    The overall objective, towards which the Project will contribute, is to improve the competitiveness of the Southeast Anatolia Region in a sustainable and socially equitable manner by improving the capacity for better utilization of renewable energy resources and by increasing the energy efficiency in the Southeast Anatolia Region.

  • Competitiveness Agenda for Southeast Anatolia Region

    The overall objective of the Competitiveness Agenda for the Southeast Anatolia (GAP) Region Project is to reduce regional disparities in Turkey, by contributing to the improvement of social stability, equality, economic development and competitiveness of the GAP Region. The project aims at enhancing the underlying productive capacities of the region through two main strategies of sustainable production and entrepreneurship; and three supporting action lines of internationalization, applies technology and clustering.

Inclusive and Democratic Governance

  • Improvement of Civilian Oversight in Turkey Phase II

    The overall objective of the Project is to support expanded enjoyment of civil rights by Turkish citizens and democratic control of internal security forces by the regulatory system and public administration of Turkey. The specific objective of the Project is to contribute to the progress towards the overall objective spelled out above, the project aims at establishment of institutional and regulatory framework conditions for an effective oversight by the MoI of Internal Security Forces at the central and local level.

  • The overall objective of the Project is to raise the awareness of the young male population of the country as conscious and responsible citizens who are respectful to the rights of one another and are more sensitive about protection of their physical environment. The project purpose is to educate conscripts who are in military service on the issues of human rights, gender equality and women’s rights, children’s rights, protection of the environment, general health care, legal empowerment and other relevant issues so as to make them responsible and sensitive individuals of the society.

  • Project for the Institutionalization and Broader Use of the E-Consulate System for Increased Efficiency in the Service Delivery of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The Project aims at efficiency and cost-effectiveness with a focus on enhanced citizen-satisfaction from the services of the Ministry all over the world. The objective of the project is expected to be achieved through following outputs: i) use of the improved e-Consulate system for efficient service delivery institutionalized through enhanced institutional and individual capacities of the MFA, ii) broader and full-fledged application of the existing e-consulate system realized through the outreach strategy aiming to increase awareness of the citizens and respective stakeholders.

  • UN Joint Programme for Promoting the Human Rights of Women

    The overall objective of the Joint Program is to accelerate the implementation of gender equality commitments at the local level and contribute to the development of sustainable capacities to promote, protect and exercise women’s rights and gender equality in various areas of life. The Joint Program is implemented in 10 provinces. These provinces are Aydın, Çanakkale, Edirne, Eskişehir, Erzincan, Kahramanmaraş, Kastamonu, Kayseri, Kocaeli and Ordu.

Climate Change and Environment

Joint UN Programmes in Turkey

UNDP also supports UN joint programmes in Turkey. These programmes, are being encouraged in the context of the reform process that has been ongoing within the UN.

The reform package brought to the agenda by the Secretary-General includes various mechanisms and tools as well as the Common Country Assesment (CCA) and UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF).

These tools including the Millennium Development Goals, are aimed at supporting national targets and priorities and developing UN's collective assesment and programming capacities.