Frequently Asked Questions

How can we learn about the tenders of UNDP Turkey?

The national competitive processes are announced at UNDP Turkey web site.

The International competitive processes are announced at;

Therefore, the interested suppliers can access information about the tenders of UNDP Turkey by following the above.

How does UNDP-Turkey identify potential suppliers/service-providers to receive offers?

UNDP Turkey identifies suppliers and service providers to receive offers including but not limited to the following means:

  • From among the vendors who previously supplied UNDP Turkey and other UN Agencies with successful performance,
  • Companies that are short-listed through submission of Expression of Interest,
  • Companies recommended through Professional Associations
  • Companies recommended through Chambers of Commerce

Notwithstanding the above, the suppliers/service providers who submit offers in response to UNDP tenders are evaluated as per the solicitation documents and may get awarded by the contracts.

What is United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM)?

United Nations Global Marketplace is the main supplier database of 15 UN organizations, including UNDP. The vendors can get registered to this database at the following link:

Once I register my company with UNGM, will my company become a vendor to UNDP or other UN Agencies?

No, once a company is registered to UNGM through completion of necessary procedures, your company becomes eligible for supplying the UN Agencies selected. The registration does not warrant that your company will become a vendor to UNDP or other UN Agencies. Your company should follow UNGM web site along with the other announcement addresses to be able to participate in the tenders.

Is UNDP exempt from taxes?

Yes, as a subsidiary organ of United Nations, UNDP is exempt from taxes. Accordingly, UNDP Turkey is also exempt from taxes. On this basis, the prices to be quoted by the offerors shall exclude Value Added Tax (VAT).

It should be noted that, it is the Offerors’ responsibility to learn from relevant authorities (Ministry of Finance) and/or to review/confirm published procedures, laws, communiqués and to consult with a certified financial consultant as needed, to confirm the scope and procedures of VAT exemption application to UNDP Turkey Country Office.

The Contractors shall not be entitled to reimbursement of any expenses incurred during contract implementation because of their failure to learn the exact scope and procedures of VAT exemption application at the time of preparation of their offers.

What is the payment period in UNDP contracts?

UNDP payment term is ‘within 30 days of receipt of the Supplier's invoice’. Receipt of the supplier’s invoice indicates in itself, completion of all responsibilities in full compliance with the contract and acceptance and approval by UNDP of the subject goods/services/civil works and related invoices.

Is there a unique methodology and a unique document for all UNDP tenders?

No, there is not a unique methodology and unique document that is used for all UNDP tenders. Both the methodology and the solicitation document is determined based on the nature and volume of the procurement activity. It should be noted that UNDP has standard template solicitation documents and contracts.

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