General Principles of Procurement in UNDP Turkey

‘Empowered lives and Resilient Nations’ is the ultimate vision of UNDP.

To achieve this vision in Turkey, UNDP Turkey Country Office completes projects and programmes in Turkey and while doing this, procures goods, services and civil works.

All procurement activities of UNDP are governed by the following four main principles:

In line with these main principles under the overall framework of UNDP Financial Regulations and Rules , all details of procurement activities of UNDP are defined in ‘Programme and Operations Policies and Procedures’ of UNDP, which is accessible to all parties through the following link:

Each UNDP Country Office is delegated a procurement authority in US$ terms, upto a maximum limit by the UNDP headquarters. In this regard, each Country Office concludes its procurement within its procurement authority. The procurement activities exceeding the delegated procurement authority of the Country Office are subject to approval of UNDP Procurement Committees at Regional or HQ level, depending on the volume of the requirement.

How UNDP Solicits Offers?

In order to procure goods, services and civil works, UNDP either announces the tenders for the requirement or requests submission of offers from eligible suppliers, depending on the type, complexity, size and value of the requirement and its procurement elements. Below is a summary of types of competition deployed by UNDP:

How UNDP Evaluates the Offers?

UNDP evaluates the offers it receives in the most fair and transparent manner to ensure equal treatment of all offerors. For this purpose, evaluation methodology and criteria are clearly stated in the solicitation documents and the evaluations are made in strict compliance with these evaluation methodology and criteria.

Evaluation criteria are derived directly from Technical Specifications (for goods), Terms of Reference(for services) or  Statement of Works(for civil works) defining the requirements and needs of the related project in each tender. There are three main categories of evaluation criteria in UNDP tenders:

a) Administrative requirements

b) Technical requirements

c) Financial Requirements

*Depending on the selected approach, technical criteria shall be evaluated either based on a compliance/non-compliance (pass/fail), or on a weighted scoring system (rating by numerical points).

How to become a supplier to UNDP?

The first requirement to become a vendor to UNDP Turkey is to be ‘Eligible’ to participate in the procurement processes.

A Vendor is presumed to be eligible unless:

(a) It is included in the Ineligibility List, administered by UNGM, by virtue of sanctions imposed by UNDP or another participating agency in the UN System; or

(b) It is included in the Ineligibility List, administered by UNGM, by virtue of sanctions imposed by UNDP or another participating agency in the UN System, and such sanction has not been otherwise revised or revoked by the sanctioning agency

  • If your company satisfies the eligibility requirements you need to;
  • Follow UNDP Turkey Country Office website
  • Keep an eye on National Newspapers
  • Register to United Nations Global Marketplace at and check the website regularly to be able to participate in UNDP Turkey procurement processes.

What UNDP Turkey Procures?

UNDP Turkey procures a variety of goods, services and civil works depending on the requirements of the projects completed. Some of the examples are presented below:


  • IT Equipment
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Environmental Test Equipment
  • Office Equipment
  • Household Appliances
  • White Appliances
  • Fruit and Vegetable Seeds, Saplings and Groves
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Promotional and Printed Materials
  • Office Furniture


  • Translation
  • Training
  • Car Rental
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Market Surveys
  • Media Monitoring
  • Accommodation
  • Excursion
  • Travel
  • Catering
  • Language Course
  • Construction Design and Supervision
  • Film Production


  • Animal Ponds
  • Sanitary Sewer Systems
  • Drinking Water Tanks
  • Culverts
  • Pipe Laying
  • Building Renovation
  • Livestock Market

Contracting With UNDP Turkey

Once a vendor is selected according to the evaluation criteria stipulated in the solicitation documents, a contract is awarded to the selected vendor within the designated period of the offer’s validity.

UNDP issues different types of contracts depending on the nature and volume of the procurement. It should be noted that whatever the type of contract is, ‘UNDP General Terms and Conditions’ is an integral annex specifically designed for goods, services and civil works. Modifications and/or additions to the ‘UNDP General Terms and Conditions’ are prohibited.

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