The current job openings at UNDP in Turkey are listed here. These include openings for Turkish citizens as well as International applicants.

Individual Consultant Procurement Notices are accessible in Procurement Notices page.

Vacancies from UNDP in Turkey


Procurement Notices



Vacancies from other UN Agencies in Turkey

Programme Policy Officer (Capacity Development and Augmentation) (Ankara) - WFP (Deadline 01/05/2017)
Programme Associate (Vulnerability Analysis & Mapping / Monitoring & Evaluation) (Ankara) - WFP (Deadline 27/04/2017)
Programme Assistant (Accountability to Affected Populations) (Ankara) - WFP (Deadline 24/04/2017)
Monitoring Assistant (Sanliurfa) - WFP (Deadline 24/04/2017)
Finance Assistant (Ankara) - WFP (Deadline 20/04/2017)
Business Support Assistant (Ankara) - WFP (Deadline 20/04/2017)
Monitoring Assistant (Gaziantep) - WFP (Deadline 18/04/2017)
Monitoring Assistant (3 Positions) (Mersin) - WFP (Deadline 18/04/2017)

You may click on the links below to see vacancies in other UN agencies resident in Turkey:

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International Vacancies

To view international vacancies, click here.