About UNDP in Turkey

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UNDP Turkey works for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth, Inclusive and Democratic Governance and Climate Change and Environment. For more than 50 years the UNDP has worked in close partnership with the Turkish Government and numerous national and international institutions, including NGOs, academics and the business community.

UNDP supports Turkey's ambitious reform agenda where EU accession figures prominently.

UNDP Turkey aims to find practical solutions to Turkey's development challenges and manages projects together with the Turkish Government and other partners to address them. Since 1986 it has implemented over 80 programs across the country.In addition, the UNDP has played a major role in response to crises and disasters in Turkey and the surrounding region.


What do we want to accomplish?

UNDP focuses on three portfolio areas through which UNDP will support the implementation of Turkey's development agenda through project implementation and policy advice.

These are: 1) Inclusive and Sustainable Growth; 2) Inclusive and Democratic Governance; and 3) Climate Change and Environment.

In addition to these core areas, UNDP Turkey is emphasizing the role of women, private sector, capacity development and information and communication technology in its policies and programmes.

What are our results?

Here are some results from our projects:

Poverty Reduction

  • With 'Innovations for women's empowerment in Southeast Anatolia' project, more than 1000 women have been involved in project activities (trainings, design workshops etc), and generated income through their productive skills.
  • With 'Çoruh Tourism Development' project, number of tourism enterprises increased significantly (8 new B&B facilities) and three new NGOs focusing on tourism related development.
  • With UN Joint Programme on MDG-F 1298 Growth with Decent, National Youth Employment Action Plan prepared and adopted by ISKUR (Turkish Employment Institution) 

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Democratic Governance

  • With 'Support to the Improvement of Practice of Mediation in Criminal and Civil Justice System in Turkey' project, the awareness of the justice practitioners and the public at large raised through the study tours and information / experience sharing platforms and the 120 lawyer mediators are trained on mediation in civil disputes.
  • With the Joint Program on Fostering an Enabling Environment for Gender Equality in Turkey, the Nation-wide Campaign for increasing the awareness of the public on gender equality launched.
  • With Joint Programme on promoting Gender Equality at Local Level,  legislative framework on local administrations was  reviewed from gender perspective.

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Environment and Sustainable Development

  • With 'Strengthening Protected Area Network of Turkey: Catalyzing Sustainability of Marine and Coastal Protected Areas' project, six No Fishing Areas (NFAs) covering 1,914 ha were established in the Gökova SEPA.
  • With 'Strengthening Forest Protected Areas Network of Turkey'
    project, 66,6% of 9 forest hot spots is under legal protection (Baba Dağı, Datça-Bozburun Penisula, Fırtına Valley, Istanbul and Yenice Forests and Küre Mountains).
  • With Enabling Activities for the Preparation of Turkey’s Second National Communication to the UNFCCC, National Climate Change portal established to disseminate climate change related national and international facts and information to the public.

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Who are the decision makers?

The Resident Coordinator heads the UN System in Turkey and is the Resident Representative for UNDP in Turkey.

UNDP Turkey works closely with the Government of Turkey. UNDP seeks to establish partnerships with the central government, local administrations, civil society, academia and private sector to strengthen its contribution to Turkey's development.

How many are we?

UNDP Turkey currently employs 26 staff members. Our staff comes from a diverse range of professional backgrounds.

Current Staff Count for Turkey

Contract TypeSub Total
Service Contract 135
UN Volunteers 3
UNDP Staff 21
Total 159

Our Consultants

Consultant Number Job Title Project Title Amount of contract (USD)/contract duration
Project Administrator Capacity Development for Sustainable Community-Based Tourism Project


12 months

Project Administrator Support to the Implementation and Monitoring of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) in Turkey


12 months

Senior Project Manager

-Competitiveness Agenda for the Southeast Anatolia Region Project (CASAR)

-Phases I and II of Utilization of Renewable Energy Resources and Increasing Energy Efficiency in Southeast Anatolia Region Project (REEE)

-Organic Agriculture Cluster Development in Southeast Anatolia Region Project (OAC)


12 months

00083916-2013-MEH-07 Scientific Committee. Member Civic Training for Mehmetçik

36.000,00 /12 months

(60 w/days)

00083916-2013-MEH-08 Scientific Committee. Member Civic Training for Mehmetçik

39.000,00 / 12 months

(60 w/days)

00083916-2013-MEH-09 Scientific Committee. Member Civic Training for Mehmetçik

39.000,00 / 12 months

(60 w/days)

00083916-2013-MEH-05 Scientific Committee. Member Civic Training for Mehmetçik

39.000,00 / 12 months

(60 w/days)

00083916-2013-MEH-06 Scientific Committee. Member Civic Training for Mehmetçik

45.000,00 / 12 months

(60 w/days)

00083916-2013-MEH-13 Expert on Video Production Civic Training for Mehmetçik

40.000,00 / 6.5 months

(100 w/days)

00083916-2013-MEH-17 Expert on Instructional Design Civic Training for Mehmetçik

42.000,00 / 7 months

(105 w/days)

00083916-2013-MEH-19 Expert on Adult Education Civic Training for Mehmetçik 33.750,00 / 10 months (90 w/days)
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