Social Good Summit 2014

İstanbul meet-up

People around Turkey shared their thoughts during Social Good Summit İstanbul meet-up, on how technology and new media can help achieve equality for all by 2030 with the changing dynamics our new world.

Social Good Summit meet-ups organized all around the world are looking for answers to the question of “How can technology, innovation and new media be used for social good?”

Social Good Summit İstanbul meet-up, organized with the partnership of UNDP, UN Volunteers (UNV), İstanbul Commerce University and Hürriyet, was held in 23 October 2014.

In Social Good Summit İstanbul meet-up, speakers including high level professionals from Twitter and Devex shared thoughts on how technology and new media can help achieve equality for all by 2030.

Sinéad McSweeney, Twitter’s Europe, Middle East and Africa Public Policy Director, talked about examples of using 140 character messages for social good around the world.

Raj Kumar, President and Editor-in-Chief of Devex, a web portal closely followed by international development community, mentioned about the contributions of social networks to development efforts.

Ezgi Başaran from Radikal discussed the realms where online publishing and social good intersect.

Experts and communication professionals from UNDP in Turkey and UNDP’s Headquarter were also present at the summit.

Sandrine Ramboux, founder of C@rma, Suat Özçağdaş, founder of Center for Social Innovation, Assist. Prof. Engin Çağlak from İstanbul Commerce University, Tuna Özçuhadar, founder of SürdürülebilirYasam.TV and Sertaç Taşdelen, founder of, were also among the speakers.

Dr. Ali Ercan Özgür, founder of International Development Partners (IDEMA) pointed out the necessity to create social good in a lonelier but more social new world.

Sree Sreenivasan, the first Chief Digital Officer at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art and New Media Professor at Colombia University, joined the meet-up from New York with his video address. He gave his #sreetips for non-profits using social media.


In the meet-up which is entirely livestreamed, individuals all around Turkey shared their opinions and asked questions to the speakers of the meet-up. #2030Şimdi hashtag was used for the discussions on social media during the event.

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Global Social Good Summit 2014 was hosted by UNDP in New York on 21-22 October, organized for the fifth time.

Social Good Summit, held during the United Nations Week, had brought a dynamic community together. The importance of innovative thinking and technology on finding solutions to the most crucial challenges we face was discussed in the summit.

Last year Social Good Summit was held for the first time in Turkey. During the meet-up in İstanbul, it was emphasized that we should change the point of view in solving our greatest challenges with innovative social good projects for the future we want in 2030.

Why #2030Now?

#2030Now builds on the UN-led process to craft a post-2015 development agenda that will follow and accelerate progress on the Millennium Development Goals that cover the period from 2000 to 2015.

Starting from 1 January 2016, we enter a new 15 year period with a new global development agenda.

Hence, the hashtag for this event #2030Now is extremely important. We would like to discuss the post-2015 global development priorities and use every innovative and technological tool which is available to us to take us to a better world by 2030.

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What is Social Good Summit?

Held during UN Week from September 21-22 September, the Social Good Summit unites a dynamic community of global leaders to discuss a big idea: the power of innovative thinking and technology to solve our greatest challenges.

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