This is New Horizons Podcasts of UNDP in Turkey

UNDP, which works for a more productive, healthier, more educated and  greener future, has stories to tell you. In every part of the podcast, we share selected stories of these works of UNDP.

New Horizons Podcasts are currently aired on fourteen radios. Our radio network is composed of one national radio, two local radios as well as eleven university radios all around Turkey.

New Horizons Podcasts are rebroadcasted in about 50 provincial city centers.

Thus, New Horizons Podcasts reach out more than 70 percent of the whole population in Turkey through FM band and whole population through Turksat.

New Horizons Podcasts is number one in its category on iTunes Turkey store and it is the most downloaded among around 150 different podcasts within the same category offered by iTunes Turkey.

You can reach our podcast programmes in Turkish on:




New Horizons Podcasts

From the archive:

Podcast 15 - Decent Work For All (02 May 2011)