A Million Voices: The World We Want

Published on 16 Sep 2013 - 160 pages


This report collects the perspectives on the ‘world we want’ from over 1 million people around the globe. For almost one year, people have engaged energetically in 88 national consultations, 11 thematic consultations, and through the MY World global survey. First and foremost this shows the tremendous appetite that exists in all countries for people to play a role in shaping and changing their world.


The findings of this global conversation contain important messages for governments as they seek to agree on a new development agenda that can build on the successes of the Millennium D evelopment G oals (MDGs).





  • The first job of any new development framework must be to finish the unfinished business of the MDGs.
  • There is a call to strengthen ambition and urgency so as to reach the remainder of the world’s people who are still living with many unacceptable expressions of poverty.
  • There are also calls to go beyond quantitative targets that only aim to increase access. For instance, people want access to a good-quality education throughout their lives, as well as to comprehensive and better health care.
  • People demand that this new agenda be built on human rights, and universal values of equality, justice and security.


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