The socio-economic overview and analysis of new income generation activities at Turkish Aegean MPAs

06 Jan 2014 - 76 pages


Income generating activities in MCPAs are important not only for local economic development but also because the way they are used and managed have signifi cant impacts on productive and valuable ecosystems. It is worth underlining that marine and coastal ecosystems are among the most productive in the world and that important socioeconomic flows are obtained from these systems (UNEP, 2006). This study is part of the abovedescribed larger project and its main goal is to identify sustainable income generating activities along the Western coast of Turkey, at 6 pilot areas of the project. These areas are Fethiye-Göcek, Köyceğiz-Dalyan, Datça-Bozburun, Gökova, Foça and Ayvalık Islands Nature Park.









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