Feasibility Report on sportive diving in Foça Special Environmental Protection Area

26 Dec 2013


The initiative aiming to consider some marine spots in Foça Special Environment Protection Areas for sport diving tourism was one of the identified income-generation activities. To get a feasibility report done about recreational diving tourism, firstly, a series of interviews with the local stakeholders and potential investors were carried out and observations in the project area were made for the initial examinations by the Consultant. The local stakeholders interviewed were representatives of the public sector (agriculture, tourism offi ces, etc), the private sector (diving school and motel owner etc) and NGO, Union and Co-operative located in the City of Foça.


All the information obtained from interviews and observations were supported with an intensive desk review research obtained from a variety of channels particularly about recreational diving sector. The creation of the report was carried out with the combination of the collected information. The financial issues analyzed in this report were mainly undertaken from a perspective of a diving school which would be opened when some diving points in the SEPA open for sportive diving activities.

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