Economic Analysis of Gökova Special Environmental Protection Area

27 Dec 2013 - 51 pages


This study is an activity under the Global Environment Facility - United Nations Development Programme (GEF-UNDP) project ‘Strengthening the Protected Area Network of Turkey: Catalyzing Sustainability of Marine and Coastal
Protected Areas’. The proposed long-term solution for marine biodiversity conservation in Turkey’s territorial sea is a reconfi gured Marine and Coastal Protected Area (MCPA) network designed to protect biodiversity
while optimizing its ecological service functions.


The success of this long-term solution is seen to rest on three main pillars: (i) the existence of key agencies capable of identifying and managing sensitive and biologically signifi cant MCPAs; (ii) the application of economic analysis to inform
the planning and management of MCPAs and the integration of sustainable financing mechanisms; and (iii) inter-sectoral co-operation that builds on the relevant strengths of various management agencies and branches of Government and civil society to solve marine biodiversity conservation
challenges. This study relates to the development of the second pillar.

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