Economic Analysis of Ayvalık Adaları Nature Park

Published on 07 Aug 2013 - 38 pages


This study is an activity under the General Directorate for the Protection of Natural Assets- Global Environment Facility - United Nations Development Programme project ‘Strengthening the Protected Area Network of Turkey: Catalyzing Sustainability of Marine and Coastal Protected Areas’.


The objective of this study was to undertake an economic analysis of Ayvalık Adaları Nature Park in order to:


- Raise awareness of the range of marine goods and services provided by the site;

- Contribute to the sustainable management of the site by highlighting pressures threatening the viability of key ecosystem services and the economic implications of this; and,

- Inform the business plan to be developed for the site by demonstrating the economic value of marine services and highlighting potential revenue generating activities and mechanisms.


  • The total annual value of Ayvalık Adaları Nature Park is estimated to be around US$ 43 million per year.
  • The historical and archaeological features of the town complement the area’s natural assets and are refl ected by the high tourism value of over US $36 million (around 88% of the site’s value).
  • High value is also attributed to the regulating services of the site, especially the waste assimilation function provided by the coastal zones in the Nature Park (valued at over US$ 3.5 million per annum) and the carbon sequestration function of the Posidonia seagrass communities within the marine and coastal protected areas project.
  • Despite their economic, cultural and economic importance the quality and quantity of Ayvalık Adaları Nature Park’s ecosystem services are threatened by a range of pressures including marine pollution, infrastructure and housing development and illegal fi shing activities.


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