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Identifying the Sensitive Marine Areas Workshop Outcome Report

This is the outcome report of “Identifying the Sensitive Marine Areas”workshop, organized on May 20-21 2010, in Akyaka, Muğla. It is expected to develop capacities and internal structures of EPASA required for prioritizing the establishment of new Marine and Coastal Protected Areas (MCPAs), andmore


Market and Policy Outlook for Renewable Energy in Europe and the CIS

Despite the region’s tremendous renewable energy potential, increasing energy security concerns and frequently adopted favourable renewable energy promotion schemes, only a few ECIS countries have deployed renewable technologies to a significant extent in recent years. Rather than attributing thismore


National Climate Change Strategy

This publication is about the process of preparation and implementation of Turkey's National Climate Change Strategy as; goals, adaptation, technology, finance.                       more


National Environmental Action Plan (1998)

The report covers the global developments of 2005 in the areas of building stronger democracies, generating equitable growth, preventing conflict and supporting long-term recovery, protecting our planet to benefit the poor, halting the spread of HIV/AIDS, empowering women to transform societies,more


National Experience on Carbon Markets and Future Outlook

This reports aim is to provide rich and multiple contents that are based on fundamental and contemporary informations to beginners and professionals in carbon markets and projects.                     more


Natural Solutions

This report emphasizes the role of protected areas, looks at reducing the impacts of natural disasters, safeguarding water, addressing health issues and biodiversity conservation.                   more


Post-2012 Climate Change Negotiations Handbook

This handbook provides a clear introductory guide to the key structures, participants and decision making processes involved with the international climate negotiations and gives detailed information about Turkey and it's currentmore


Preventing pollution sourced by the ships in Fethiye-Göcek Special Environmental Protection Area Report and Action Plan

Fethiye-Göcek Special Environmental Protection Area is introduced with some physical and numerical information and data at the Infrastructure section of the Report. The inspection of infrastructure and determination and evaluation of additional infrastructure requirements for the effectivemore


Protected Areas and Climate Change: National Strategy of Turkey

This publication is about the global climate change risk management and the necessary activities to accomplish in Turkey.                         more


Readiness for Climate Finance

This report functions as an introduction to the national challenges arising from increasing flows of climate finance and gives some examples of the routes available for overcoming these challenges.                       more

Our Work - Environment and Sustainable Development

UNDP Turkey not only promotes mainstreaming environment, climate change and energy efficiency into sectoral policies, but also supports strengthening the institutional and policy capacities.

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