Environment and Sustainable Development


Final Report on social and economic dimension of recreational fishing in Foça and Gökova Special Environmental Protection Areas

This report presents the results from the study which was conducted from December, 2012 and March, 2013 to fi nd out socioeconomic characteristics of recreational fi shing activities in Foça and Gökova Special Environmental Protection Areas (SEPAs).   Data were collected via face-to-facemore


First National Communication on Climate Change

The study presented in this report gives an in-depth analysis of the Turkish cement industry, identifies the energy saving and carbon dioxide emission reduction potentials and develops an implementation schedule of the necessary measures, based on cost-benefitmore


Fishing and Socio-Economical Researches in Datca-Gökova Special Environmental Protection Area Assessment Report

The number of studies carried out in Gokova and Datca fishing areas is very limited, therefore this report includes the direct and indirect researches and studies in this subject. In this report, socio-economical analysis is made about fishing in themore


Foça Special Environmental Protection Area Management Plan Report

Foça Management Plan studies show direct and indirect effects of project related activities on the people, groups and organizations and the researching on reactions of these groups will serve to obtain information and getting to know strengths and weaknesses of the regionmore


From Transition to Transformation: Sustainable and Inclusive Development in Europe and Central Asia

This publication explains that a new growth model in this region is both necessary and possible to increase human development, advance in equality of human and reduce the ecological footprint.                       more


Frontline Observations on Climate Change and the Sustainability of Large Marine Ecosystems

This report focuses on the impacts of climate change on large marine ecosystems sustainability in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.                         more


Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction

This report explores how businesses, by investing in disaster risk management, can reduce costs and interruptions represented by disaster losses and impacts; how performance and reputation can also be enhanced by minimising uncertainty and unpredictability; why effectively managing disaster risksmore


Guidelines on the Integration of Economics into Planning Applications in Coastal and Marine Areas in Turkey

This document presents high level guidelines on usage of marine and coastal protection areas in process of development. The guidelines in this report are important for Turkey to make better decisions and investments on resources in marine and coastal protectionmore


Gökova Special Environmental Protection Area Akçapınar Lagoon Fishing Area Feasibility Analysis

In terms of natural structures, both marine protected areas and special environmental protected areas are difficult to be considered as zero activity protected areas.   Therefore, it will be a better method to regulate them as the areas where there is partial and controlled economicmore


Helping Turkey to Attain Environmental Sustainability

This publication is about Turkey's environmental problems such as water  shortages, land degradation, lack of clean and affordable energy resources severely hinder efforts to achieve sustainable development.                       more

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UNDP Turkey not only promotes mainstreaming environment, climate change and energy efficiency into sectoral policies, but also supports strengthening the institutional and policy capacities.

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